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Favourite men

On the 6th year of work in the company I found out that I have "favourite" men. They are men from different cities, different organizations, have different duties at their work.
They live in Rostov-on-Don, Murmansk and Saint Petersburg.
They usually write or call personally me, we discuss all the little and big issues of our subject of partnership.
These 3 men are very high qualified proffessionals. But at the same time they are really good in communication on simple everyday topics, and are always glad to know, what is the weather in Moscow, and how I feel today.
This week they all 3 remembered about our company at the same time, and I feel absolutely happy these days. I do my job with the greatest enthusiasm.
Cause professionalism, brains, kind heart, sense of humour - all these things combined in a man make such a person to be very pleasant to work with.

New Year is coming!

This year was full of events, actions, travels and people.

End of Days did not came, but I survived in flood, end of electricity, saw death of my relative face-to-face, flew over the ocean, loved, was loved, met new nice people, became more calm, moved to another house, lost people, found beauty and disgust, fulfilled my dreams, cried and laughed, wanted to leave but stayed...

I suppose year 2012 to be the best in my life and the worst at the same time.

Hope for 2013 to be even more interesting but less troublesome.

So nice to plan.

This year I want to visit Prague, Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great, Nijny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg.
Perhaps - some european cities but it's rather complicated for me.

Tomorrow is a flight to Prague - I'm waiting eagerly!
I'm just happy now.
Sometimes one person can bring calm for a long time...

There are so many words I could say.
But their time has already passed away.

That is good what is in time.
Earlier I thought that "WE will be happy and ok". Now I understand that everything burns. And at the moment my thoughts are: "I will be happy anyway".

So I make myself happy, while those who could do that are somewhere else without me.

Wonderful and devoted people are around me, thank them.

Aug. 15th, 2010

Is there anything more painful and more disastrous than LOVE?
Is there anything more delightful than LOVE?

To love asking nothing in return.

That's the way it goes, that's the way it works.
There is nowhere to hide.
The whole world is a place for exhibitionism.
One more method of dividing people into two parts: ones who have dreams and ones who not. It's so simple but so imporant...

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